Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reining in rogue colleges

SUNSHINE College of Management teaches hairdressing and hospitality — two subjects with apparently little in common, except that both fields of work appear on the Federal Government's list of desperately needed skills from migrants. In fact, what they do have in common is that international students who complete such courses are awarded extra migration points, taking them one step closer to what many want: permanent residency.

In the foyer of the college, as a gesture towards the hairdressing course, two mannequin heads sit atop the reception desk, their wigs slightly askew. The receptionist is busy taking calls. Behind doors labelled Kitchen 1 and Kitchen 2 are shelves piled high with pots and pans. There are spoons, whisks and bowls ready for hospitality classes. But on this day the kitchens are not in use. The lights are out, exhaust fans are silent and there are no cooking smells. In fact, there are no students.

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