Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Qualified Education Agent Counsellors now have a logo

The Education Agent Training Course has almost 300 qualified education agent counsellors (QEAC) from 27 countries. Education Agents from all over the world are increasingly recognising the importance of professional development in the international education industry and becoming qualified education agent counsellors.

In support of this, the EATC has developed a QEAC logo, in addition to the widget already available, that education agents can download and use on their websites and business cards to indicate their professional status. This logo also displays the QEAC number of the education agent counsellor, an identification that is theirs alone and can be checked on the QEAC website.

Are you a qualified education agent counsellor? If not, please go to the EATC website and register today!

If you're already a qualified education agent counseller, you'll find your unique QEAC logo by logging into the EATC and clicking the "Your Account" link in the upper right corner.


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