Friday, August 31, 2007

IES Wins International Education Industry Showcase

Celebrating international Education and Training - Queensland Government Awards 30 August 2007

IES Managing Director Chris Evason (right) with the
Chairman of the IES Board, Brendt Munro

Professional International Education Services (PIER), an initiative of International Education developed the Education Agent Training Course and the Diploma of International Education Services, and has been succesfully delivering these courses since 2006. IES has been recognised in the Queensland Government Industry Showcase Awards for the second year, this time winning the category of Partnerships for Positive Outcomes.

The partnerships established in relation to the Diploma in particular demonstrate that Queensland institutions have been positive and encouraging, and have made significant investments in training their staff, to benefit international education in the State. These partnerships are cross sectoral, and range across institutions and organisations, demonstrating a significant level of collaboration and cooperation.

The success of the Diploma program is largely due to the interest and support of a number of bodies, including the Australian Goernment, who have worked with the course developers, and whose belief in the value of professional development has allowed many individuals to gain qualifications in this field. The award was presented to Chris Evason Managing Director of IES, by the Minister for Education Training and Minisiter for the Arts, the Honourable Rod Welford MP.

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